@@ Forward Audiotex Co., Ltd. Was established in 2000 .For years, it has been striving for special rate offers on international calls, internet communications, as well as integrating professional value added voice services. It had foreseen the need for a voice service information integration system especially designed for home/personal users and enterprise users, thus, it devoted much of its time to the sales, and design of international internet phones (VoIP) available at special rate offers. It also acted as an agent for paid value added voice services and leased out its system integrations. In order to ensure our company grows at a rate that keeps up with global telecommunications and industrial internet developments, we continue to transform and upgrade in the hope of increasing our research and development (R&D) capabilities. We incessantly import eminent products, software, and the system of value added international paid voice services from overseas with the intent of localizing, absorbing, and utilizing them in addition to our existing VoIP technology. Our self-developmental capabilities and technological applications have enabled us to successfully develop into an internationally competitive company .
@@ We have a strong Research and Development (R&D) team which is not only equipped with computers, network, and professional communication related knowledge, but also experienced in the value-added voice service integration system. Based on years of experiences in professional guidance, particularly in international calling system, E1 Optical network connects international calls to over 200 countries around the globe. We have signed up a contract with Chunghwa Telecommunications for authorized use of 0509 and 0204 numbers, with Sparq Telecommunications for authorized use of 0509 and 808622 (cellular phone code)and international calls (E1 optical network). Moreover, we signed up with Taiwan Fixed Network (TFN) for 0209, 0509 and international calls (E1 optical network). We have completed many operational tasks (special projects) in the highly specialized arena of voice telecommunication system. Our company shows professionalism in both the global network industry and paid value added calling system. May it be advanced planning, horizontal/vertical communication with clients and customers, or system setup and educational guidance; each has been successfully completed under thoroughly considered planning and strict quality control. It is one of the few software companies in Taiwan to independently carry out special case management on international calls at special rate offers and paid value added voice call system integrations.
@@In order to set Taiwan into the new era of communications, Forward Audiotex Co., Ltd aims to provide customers with integrated paid voice call services. In conjunction with the system of advanced technology, new gateways to success have been created!

The Paid value added voice system has become a new developmental trend of the 21st century. By using high quality broadband network, together with advanced IP technology, home/personal and enterprise internet connections as well as information service centers have been provided. An overall competitive advantageousness has also been created for customers such as integrated information, communication and visuals.
In order to provide enterprises diversified information and complete services, various types of telecommunication information and value added services are integrated to provide a 24-hour customer service network control center. Enterprise users will be provided with the optical network body and value-added operation network in telecommunication. In the future, personal/home and enterprises will be better served by the all-around integrated value added voice call services. Let us work together for a better tomorrow.

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